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Hi guuuuys~ I know this is late, compared to everyone else's posts that went out in November, but uhm! If you'd like a card or suchlike from me, please leave your address in the comments! They're screened, so only I can see them. Hope nobody minds if they come late~!
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But that's alright. I'm here now.

I miss people. I miss my senpais. I miss feeling young, which is kind of silly, because hey, I am. But still.
A quick update, before I get confusing:
--I came home.

--I'm working.

--I have a netbook. It's teeny, like me, and I love it. I'm typing on it now.

--I have a tumblr. Same name. Just me reblogging pretty things, all the time.

--I'm doing okay. I should probably get therapy still, but I'm more okay than I was a year ago, or even the last time I posted, which is nice. It's self-affirming, in a way.

I think that's everything.

Something I'm noticing: a lot of people seem to be starting over. Huge flist cut, deleted all past entries. It seems really cool. Big and strange. Boom. Like a phoenix. Don't want to, though. I mean. Sure, those entries are pretty old and outdated and full of sparkles, but I like them that way. They stay. Until I don't want them, anyway.

Today, I reread pixxers' old POT stuff, too. It felt nice. I've changed the way I looked at a lot of things, and seeing the stuff I loved so much is comforting. I still feel the same way about those stories. They influenced the way I feel about love, I guess. A lot. So I'm still an incurable romantic~ ♥ who had to google the username html, shhhh

It's the time of year for contemplation too, maybe. Or I could just be tired. It's hard to tell. Ever since I went to Canada, I don't like this time of year-- it feels like it's getting colder, even though it's in my head. I think there was a poem like that, too.

But anyway! It's still early, but remember how I said I was working? I got up at 5:30AM today! And it was pretty gross. Seeing Bri and Audrey made it much better~ but it was still gross. And I have to do the same tomorrow~ so I'll head to bed now.

This is the kind of thing that makes me feel old, sigh.
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...It is rather like trying to have a regular sleep schedule-- difficult, and rather annoying. Here, have a meme.

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Moderate
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Test

I am almost in Purgatory. But not quite, it appears.

In less hellish news, I have found a new fandom! Inazuma Eleven: it's extraordinarily good, and the fandom reminds me of Prince of Tennis in the early, early days. I just have to be patient for the fic. Channelling the defender slash midfielder of Raimon, Kazemaru, and the forward from Mikage Sennou, Shimozuru Arata,are pretty much what's keeping me sane over here. Oh, and I'm going through a Prince of Tennis revival, so Hiyoshi, too. I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday!

I want to do Gala Darling's Things I Love Thursday, but I don't even know where to start! Well, okay, I do.

--Dandelions! It's well into November, but they are still there, littering the fields. My kouhai Trina says that they will stay til it snows. I'm glad!

--Toy-Box's song Best Friend! ! It is crazy mad and really funny, and never fails to cheer me up! YAY, MORE YANDERE~

-- Hyotei Academy! Man, I've missed them. Especially you, Hiyoshi, you've motivated me to start trying again! In... well, everything really.

--Twitter! I love logging on and seeing what my friends have all been up to. Usually they have some real gems for me! I always find something worth saving, my delicious account is growing exponentially~!

--I have a senpai who will make me a cloak if I pay cost of materials! That's really, really cheap cause I'm so small! I love cloaks, they look so cool! I don't know what colour I should ask for yet, though. Ah well, I've got time!

--A classmate today told me he liked my outfit and how I was always "aesthetically pleasing," somehow without coming off like an utter creeper! (Maybe it was the giant bright pink toque he was wearing.) I was really flattered! I love it when people notice my outfits.

--My teacher today has me retyping an assignment, but I don't feel bad, because she said "I adore your work! I really want to read it, but we can't read your handwriting! Please hand it in soon, I'm excited to see it!" I feel so happy. I'm glad people love my writing.

--My new Moleskine journal! I finally gave up on the old one-- I just couldn't handle the page texture anymore, and I've written more in this journal in two days than I have in two months! I've missed writing, back like I did in highschool-- WWHD? (What Would Hiyoshi Do? Sometimes became, What Would Fuji Do?" depending on the situation.)

--The Metric concert I went to see on Tuesday! It was amazing, I got right up to the front of the mosh pit, and I think Metric looked at me! My soul may have escaped my body. The lead singer is so lovely and beautiful and ethereal. Her hair was just waving about her as though she was underwater. Also, I love her sense of style! Scrunched leather leggings, a glittery top slipping off one shoulder, and a big many-chain necklace. And her voice is fantastic.

--My readings for my Later Romantics course! Jane Austen's Persuasion. I really want to go curl up with tea and a bowlful of orange slices and read it all out, but we have no milk for tea. If I head out now, I can go to the caf and get some. I think I'll do that. See ya, guys! ♥

PS: happy Memorial Day~ Lest We Forget~
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...and that's an awfully long time, even for me. I've been variably active on Twitter, however. That's where I posted about the suicides, in real-time. This is a fairly public blog a pimped-out blog, it's linked to both my Facebook and my Twitter and even my LinkedIn account, for heaven's sake, so there's a lot I won't say on here except under f-lock.

-- Suffice to say: there were two suicides this summer, by hanging. Both girls were my friends. One was my younger sister's close friend (they are a year behind me in school), the other close to me. That was the only thing that marred the Beautiful Summer in the last post. I went to counselling for it, and stuff. A memorial will be held by the school and some of B's friends on Sunday, and you couldn't keep me away. K's memorials are all done.

-- I participated in a fashion show! This on the 21st of October. I modelled for this lady, and she was incredibly nice. I looked hot, okay. Seriously. I mean, check it out. I look awesome, do not deny. I did actually buy the dress you see me wearing in that picture. She put in a hand-written note which included the cutest cellphone charm, free, and delivered the package to me personally. I was quite the happy girl.

--Class tomorrow morning is cancelled. This is awesome.Instead of having to get up at 9AM for a three-hour class, class doesn't start til three. And it's only an hour or so. Then, I get to listen to writers reading their work aloud in the evening. It's like a concert, except it's free and I get marks for attending it. Um, hello, that is really cool.

--Samhain was quiet. That was good.

--I, um. Now have a tongue piercing. My swelling is going down rapidly, though I still find speaking difficult, and it is starting to look awesome. I had planned to do it for my birthday next January, but now is as good a time as any.

--Roommates are fantastic people. Mine comes home late, though, which is fine, as it means I can make late night lj poasts~ without waking her. We have trouble, though, she is Canadian and I am not, so I have the heater at 90, and she has the window open, and we pretty much suffer mutually. Well.

--I am now the Co-President of my University's Paranormal Society. It is fun, and also will look good on my resume, so.

--Following a TON of fashion blogs. Also, I have a delicious account. Hit me up-- I'm kurifurinkan over there, too.

--It is getting colder earlier. The day before Samhain it snowed, which was disgusting as that was not yet even November. Already wearing a down parka. Sigh.

--More to come later when it is not four AM. Love you guys epic. Will try to post within this week or the next about the massive stuff I left out. Kisses~!

(Also, check out this lady. You will be so glad you did. I swear.)
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What does this day mean to you?

Hey, look, this question actually ties into something I was supposed to blog about, so yay for awesomely-timed prompts, because tomorrow I move into my dorm for my second year of university.

I don't know. I don't come from a place that has four seasons, so I can't say summer's over; I really don't know.I'm excited to go back to school, but I'm a little frightened, too. My uni's got a policy that doesn't let you know who your roommates are ahead of time; so the people I'll meet tomorrow, one of whom I'll share a bedroom with, they'll be total strangers. And then we plunge right into classes. There's not a lot of time to get used to everything, y'know?

So tonight's the last night I guess I'm just me-- and not a Trent student again, I guess. I'm calmer than I should be-- I keep expecting the freakout to hit like, any second now which will motivate me to finish packing, but all I can remember when I try to stress out is the last week before I left Trinidad, where dad took me to Maracas and to Salybia, popular beaches, and the second time I remember especially because I didn't even bother with a swimsuit,we just walked down the beach a mile or so to where it was quiet, and I just swam in my new sundress, which is blue and white, with the water warm like a jacuzzi and yellow, from the river, yellow like lime Gatorade, and because of the river the water was barely salty at all, and my dress looked beautiful, just billowing underwater in all that yellow light. I just remember that, and now I can't freak out.

Ugh, my packing will never get done.

I should tell you about that trip to Salybia-- the tide when we got there so low you could walk yards and yards out into the water, fifty yards, more, and it only came up to your ankles because there's a sandbar there. Dad and me picked up a long stick, like a walking stick, and we hung our shoes on the top of it so we could walk barefoot out into the water. I remember the lady who called out to us when we passed her "ey, Uncle, yuh selling?", meaning the shoes on the stick, and we all laughed; it was that kind of day.

We went kayaking, too; a mile up the river; me and dad and dad's foreman Pablo. God, words fail me by now; the water so clear and cold, you could look over the edge of the kayak and see all the way to the bottom, eight feet deep at most nearer the shore. So clear. You could see the fish dart into the the trees that had fallen from the sides on the steep cliff-bank, and it was just a day where everybody was agreeable, even the Baptists who came to do Baptisms and what looked like sea-offerings...? I have no idea. They beat drum and whatever, so, it didn't really matter. It made people smile, so. Dozens and dozens of women and girls in bright dresses. Pink and white and blue church dresses and headwraps. It was a good day. The sand won't come off my shoes. ♥

I've been in Canada for a week. Mostly I've gone shopping. I have pretty new Corelle dishes with sakura-petals on them, and also, my sister is pregnant (5 months along, now,) and we need Japanese names that sound good with the last name "Persad." Any suggestions, guys? (We don't know the gender yet.) I'm fast running through all my acceptable manga names.

I guess I just have to remember Salybia when I'm scared about tomorrow.But now, if my burst of energy is not miraculously appearing to make me finish packing, I'm going to sleep. I don't mind if the earth stood still- this constant abeyance is not so stressful. But I'm excited for tomorrow, too. And that's good. See you tomorrow, you guys. ♥
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Have I been around? No. Not even on Twitter. I was on the internet, though. Reading, mostly, although today I toddled on over to ljmixtape and had a grand old time. Pruning iTunes is hard work, but now's a good time for it, I suppose. School starts soon.

This is not one of those 'zomg summer is over sobbu' posts, though. I have absolutely no sense of time. Is it starting in a week? I have no fucking idea. I exist in suspended animation, people, like in Meg-san's story; I'm the 'bot sleeping in a vat of amniotic fluid in the walls of the city; you know the story. Or maybe you don't. [REALLY NSFW.]

Went to the beach. Twice. I have a haircut that makes me looks like baby Spock. I really want to immerse, or re-immerse myself in a fandom; rl is tiring. Fulfilling, and full of shiny things and packages, but tiring. God. Has anybody got any cool things to read? Published or otherwise. I'm just gonna tool around bb_shousetsu, I guess.

I've been buying too many things. I've been having fun shopping around, though; defining a style, finding clothes I like and outfits I like, ones I wanna mimic. I was actually trying for this kinda haircut, but I dunno. I think my hairdresser did what I wanted? (Except I begged his assistants to buzz the back, and they refused.) But why do I look like baby Spock? Maybe I'll figure out how to work it before school term starts. And no; mine's not bleached. It's still purple-streaked.

Am I going to work tomorrow? Who the hell knows.

Toodles! I embark on a journey to find a happy thing. A free happy thing. Anybody giving out hugs?
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...And now that's out of the way, a flagrantly, flagrantly belated birthday post! This one's to celebrate one of the most amazing creatures on the internet-- I speak here, of course, of mai waifu, mmmketchup, henceforth referred to as Twitch. Her birthday was on the last of last month. I know how old she is now, but I'm not going to tell you. Sorry, you guys. I'm too mannerly. (Lies.)

If you're paying careful attention, one might realise that her birthday was over a week ago. Ten days, in fact. I have no excuse, I swear. So right now, this has become a post showcasing her considerable awesome. And when I say considerable, I mean FUCKING HUGE amounts of awesome.

...So, have you seen her artwork? Because, because, if you haven't, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. I swear. I mean, look, she's like the cutest Gengar ever. And then there's like, more stuff, and yes, I have spent a whole day playing around in this gallery shush stop embarrassing me this is embarrassing uwahhhhh~

It's like, she's this fantastic artist and this really really humble, genuinely kind person and I'M LIKE SO LUCKY TO KNOW THIS PERSON and also adfgh;kjhgfdv, I mean. You guys. Like, when I'm having a boring day at work she'll tell me cool stories like hummingbirds getting stuck in her garage, and sends me cute videos like this one to cheer me up.

So I was pretty much left grabbing at my hair figuring that this lady is an amazing person who is also obviously a secret Disney princess. And I had to find some way to illustrate this.Naturally, my thoughts turned to actual illustration. Naturally. Except... I can't draw. At all. If anybody wonders why I talk far too much, there's your reason. So I got help. Namely, from this fine artist! YOU GUYS, HIRE HIM. HE'S SO HELPFUL AND GOT ME WHAT I WANTED and didn't even mind when my payment was late. Like, I-just-paid-this-dude-today late.

So, um:without futher adoCollapse )

Um, happy birthday, bb. I'll send you the hi-res version by email.

*runs and hides*
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Wow. What a day, dammit. There was work, there were surprise friend and sibling visits, and there was baking. Also, morally-outraged fist-shaking on the behalf of grammar. Ugh. I'm queasy with all that happened today.

Cut because god, I love my flist and they should not be subjected to this Collapse )

I. Just. I think I want more tea. And bed. And then I'm going to get up and go to work tomorrow and. I don't know. I need a hobby that isn't lurking around the internet. Crap, did I leave my cross-stitch in the big white north?

I. I'm done. Yeah. Fuck, I'm going to make tea. I'm so tired.
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1) Found a ceramic squid in my father's old office. It is the cutest thing and I don't know what to name it.

2) Went to a West Indies/ South Africa cricket match yesterday, which we lost. The match was a full-length match and lasted from like 8 in thhe morning to around 5PM, which, god, that was long. Was not wasted, however, as a Dude we came with brought binoculars which I, um, borrowed and spent the whole match using to check out cricketers' asses.

3) Came home around 9PM and crashed dramatically pretty much immediately, wow. Still zoning out.

4) It is now June and maybe it's just me but May felt really really long. Also can anyone tell me when Midsummer is this year because I am totally totally blanking.

5) I am gradually gradually gradually working up to trying to put another customized lj layout but oh my god you guysssss I will probably break that thing like I don't even know

6) My clothes today are really really damn uncomfortable, I am just going ow a lot, basically. Ow./scratch scratch scratch
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